BIOPHARMHUB is available as an aPP for your Mobile devices both in IOS and Android platforms. This aPP will allow you to access yellow pages that will provide information on the biopharm Industry, its companies, good and services from vendors required by the BIOPHARM Industry worldwide. For manufacturers and suppliers, you will be able to get access to your customers, you will be able to reach them as a group or as individuals to help share knowledge about your company, products and services. We also have a "FORUM" tab that will help your sales and marketing teams get first hand information on current needs for products, services and solutions relevant to a specific  area of the BIOPHARM industry.


The BIOPHARMHUB is a comprehensive directory based on products and services relevant to the BIOPHARM Industry. It is a directory which is GPS based and provides Local Directory suppliers to a particular area. If you are a distributor for a product or a Service provider for a product, you can add your information in the directory by creating an account.


This is the Educational and Training  Solution provided by BIOPHARMHUB, The courses offered are provided by inhouse trainers at BIOPHARMHUB, By Industry Experts, By Supplier Product Managers, Researchers and subject matter experts. It provides short courses in technology, a process, This will in many cases support the training requirements required for personal in Manufacturing and Testing Facilities regulated by the FDA and other Regulatory authority. The employee training provided is at their own individual pace. Tracking, documentation and Certificate of Completion are provided to enable record keeping of Training completed.


New Product info, Lecturers, Poster Sessions, Deminars, Seminars from various technial experts, Industry Scientist, Engineers provided for understanding of topics relevant to the Biopharm Industry. New product DEMO, Proper training on use of an Instrument, Device or Technology.


SHOP ONLINE at manufacturers or Suppliers Web Store. Send queries to enable Manufacturers to quickly alter Distributors and Country Sales & Service People to address an Issue locally.


Ask a Question, Share a Information that could be useful for other in the Industry. Trouble Shooting an issue, Answers on Product issues from Product Managers of relevant product Manufacturers.


This is a directory of CONTACT MANAGEMENT for the BIOPHARM Industry's  people, Academia involved in reserach relevant to the Biopharm Industry, Researchers, Sales and Service people serving products and technology for the Biopharm Industry, Distributors, Manufacturers, Scientist, Executives and Who is Who of the Industry.


The list of BIOPHARMHUB LIBRARY includes most popular and relevant Trade Magazines and Blogs that could provide an insight  into current industry issues, technological developments and supplier information.


This feature of the app enables users to find manufacturing space, lab space, university inculators, biotech parks, spare capacity, university labs that can help run tests, office space, startup space


Biopharm industry rss feeds are consolidated here so you will not miss any biopharm relevant news as it happens and being reported.