SUDHIR KANT GUPTA MEMORIAL Lecture Series and Conference is planned in the Fall of 2024 in Bengaluru India. This lecture series is geared towards Upper Management, CTO's of companies, who are decision makers and Consultants who will benefit from Ai in Bioprocessing. This will be a Live 2 day program with an exhibition. There will be a webcast component for all registered BIOPHARM Professionals who can benefit from the virtual participation. A special showcase will be available in the exhibition for "MAKE IN INDIA" companies to show case their Services & Technologies that are tailored to the BioProcessing Industry. Regulators from various global agencies will be invited to participate in the conference.

The SUDHIR KANT GUPTA MEMORIAL Lecture -2024  on Ai in Bioprocessing, will showcase some pratical implementation of AI in Various aspects of Bioprocessing with special emphasis on  product catogeries like Monoclonal Antibodies, RNA, Insulin, Flu, Formulations of Biologicals and Local Bulk Speciality Pharmacy Services.

MonoClonal Antibody Manufacturing is one of the most widely used Bioprocessing Template after Insulin, In this presentation you will get an overview of areas of the mAb manufacturing process where Ai could be used to develop, optimize and standardize the process and also predict trends when changes are made to some components in a process due to :

Optimizing a monoclonal antibody (mAb) production process using artificial intelligence (AI) involves leveraging various AI techniques to analyze data, identify patterns, and make informed decisions to enhance efficiency, yield, and quality. Here's a general approach to optimizing an mAb process using AI:

By combining AI techniques with domain expertise and experimental validation, optimizing a mAb production process becomes a data-driven and iterative endeavor, leading to improved efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness.